Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dexter murders my morning commute

So, one of the downfalls of working for MTV is that you have to trek into the over-crowded Times Square every morning to get to work. Today, however, I was surprised to stumble upon a fountain of blood. Turns out the [amazingly awesome] Showtime series Dexter is setting up these fountains in major cities all across the U.S. this week to promote the new season. If they didn't make a big enough spectacle with that, people wearing blood-spattered lab coats were handing out free DVDs of the first two episodes and little bottles of branded hand sanitizer.

At first I thought, Are they really allowed to put all this blood in the middle of family-friendly Times Square? and then quickly followed up with, Whatever... it's f***ing cool.

The second season of Dexter premieres Sunday, September 30th.

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